Saturday, February 22, 2014

My favourite Emily Rossum Styles

1. The colour of this dress is so fresh and it plays with her skin tone well.

2. Her make up is so chic.

3. A new way to bring back chockers..She practically modernise the whole look.

4. Looking like royalty in this ensemble.

5. This Carolina Herrera dress is out of this world..An exceptional beauty.

My most favourite Beyonce styles

1. Her college style fresh face student look makes her look pretty..Smart look.

2. Her casual look is simple but cool.This look seems effortless.

3. This teal glitter dress is so elegant.She looks fabulous in it.

4. Her  choice of pastel colours really makes her look fresh.

5.This off the shoulder dress and hairstyle really makes her look feminine and sweet.

6. Awesome jacket, simple , yet rockin'